Shelley Ellam, Home Manager, Priestley Care Home, (left) with Mayor of Kirklees, Cahal Burke, and Joanne Davy, Home Manager, The Hawthorns at a Kirklees Care Association meeting.

In a heartfelt gathering that celebrated the unwavering commitment of social care staff throughout the pandemic, Shelley Ellam, Home Manager at Priestley Residential Care Home, and Joanne Davy, Home Manager at The Hawthornes Care Home, attended the poignant production of ‘Unforgettable – Telling The Care Home Story’, organised by Kirklees Care Association.

The event, held on March 21st, delved deep into the impacts of Covid-19, illustrating the relentless spirit and dedication of the social care sector through engaging narratives. The production, attended by the Mayor of Kirklees, Cahal Burke, Richard Parry (Strategic Director Adults and Health at Kirklees Council and Honorary Secretary of ADASS), Jackie Ramsay (Kirklees Council, Councillor, Representing Dewsbury South and Cabinet Member for Health and Adult Social Care), along with members of the Kirklees Care Association and numerous care home managers and owner/operators, served as a powerful reminder of the trials and tribulations faced by care home staff during the height of the pandemic.

The purpose of the afternoon was to reflect on the profound effects of the pandemic on both the residents and the workers within the social care industry. The production, crafted by the playwright Brian Daniels, renowned for his extensive repertoire of health-associated plays, resonated deeply with the audience, highlighting the determination and dedication required to keep residents and staff informed and safe during such unprecedented times.

Shelley Ellam commented, “Attending ‘Unforgettable – Telling The Care Home Story‘ not only reminded us of the challenges we’ve faced but also celebrated the incredible resolve and professionalism within our teams.” Joanne Davy added, “It was a deeply moving experience, reinforcing the importance of our work and the impact we’ve made during such a critical time.”

Brian Daniels, reflecting on the event, noted, “Speaking with managers and hearing their stories first-hand was inspiring. It’s clear that the dedication within the social care sector is unparalleled, and it was an honour to bring these stories to life.”

As Rosedale Care Home continue to support and advocate for the recognition of social care staff as professionals, the ‘Unforgettable – Telling The Care Home Story‘ event stands as a testament to the resilience and dedication of those at the forefront of care during the most challenging of times. Rosedale Care remains committed to ensuring the wellbeing of its residents and the continued professional development of its staff, looking forward to a future of continued care and support within the community.