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Discover the Charm of York House Care Home in Dewsbury

York House Care Home, nestled in the quaint market town of Dewsbury, West Riding of Yorkshire, offers a serene retreat in the Earlsheaton area, a short five-minute journey from the town’s centre. This purpose-built sanctuary is designed with the comfort and well-being of its residents in mind, providing a peaceful backdrop for a fulfilling life.


Your Bedroom Retreat Designed for Comfort

Within York House, each of our 36 ensuite bedrooms is a testament to our commitment to comfort and peace. Furnished with care to meet the highest standards, these rooms become a personal oasis for our residents. We place a great emphasis on independence and personal choice, encouraging residents to infuse their spaces with personal touches that transform a room into a home.


Enriching Lives with Care and Activity

At York House, our top priority is providing comprehensive care in a supportive environment to enrich the lives of our residents. Our philosophy is based on person-centred care, which means that we focus on the health and well-being of each resident as the centre of our holistic approach to care. We offer a rich program of activities that include arts and crafts, exercise classes, cinema nights, gardening, and more. Every activity is designed to engage, teach, and connect, enriching life with purpose and joy.


Visiting York House Care Home and meeting our caring Home Manager provides a valuable opportunity for individuals in the Wakefield or Kirklees area to witness our distinctive approach to personalised care, tailored environments, and the lively community atmosphere that distinguishes us from others.


A Vibrant Community with Diverse Facilities

York House is a lively community that offers its residents an opportunity to experience joy and independence in their daily lives. Our facilities, including communal lounges, beautiful gardens, ‘York House Tavern’, and an on-site Beauty Salon, are designed to cater to each resident’s preferred lifestyle, whether active or relaxed. We take great pride in our dementia care, which is a cornerstone of support in the Dewsbury and Ossett area.


Home-From-Home Dining at York House Care Home

At York House Care Home, meal times are cherished moments of warmth and satisfaction. Our catering team is dedicated to creating hearty, appetising meals that cater to the preferences and nutritional needs of our residents. Using only the freshest, locally sourced, and seasonal ingredients, our menus boast a comforting selection of traditional favourites, beloved resident picks, and a sampling of global flavours. Every meal is an opportunity for residents to gather, dine, and enjoy the simple pleasures of good food and good company, and where our care team are available to support our residents.


At York House Care Home, we invite you to find not just a place to live, but a place to thrive, surrounded by care, comfort, and a community that feels like family.

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York House Care Team

“At York House Care Home we are lucky to have a great team of healthcare professionals. Regular training ensures we are up to date and able to care for you or your loved one, with the latest knowledge.

Give the care home a call if you are looking for care in a home-from-home environment.

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